Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 18, 2018

Jennifer Down wins the 2018 Readings Prize

Just a very quick post to let you know that Jennifer Down was awarded the Readings Prize today, for her short story collection Pulse Points.

FYI these were the six books in the 2018 shortlist.  Links on the title are to Readings.  They have a special price on the winning book at the moment.




  1. Thanks for the link!

    Funnily enough, it was the only one of the list that I had read… and it appears that you had read most of them, except the winner! (I’ve done that twice with the Stella Prize….)


    • It works out well, really… I mean, none of us can possibly read them all, but between us all, it’s usually possible to find a review that we can trust:)

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  2. Hi Lisa, I am glad Jennifer Down won the ‘Readings Prize’ for Pulse Points. I like her writing style. Her characters are interesting and different which make her collection of short stories, Pulse Points a great read.


    • It’s an arresting title, too.


  3. I have only read Lucky Galah on this list. Somehow I missed your review of this book so just read it now. You summed up my feelings completely. It will be discussed at our November book club read. I love animals too much and hated reading this account of the bird.


    • Yeah, I just don’t understand how anyone can justify confining birds to a perch or cage. It’s just plain cruel.

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