Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 3, 2018

Book giveway winner: Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia by Anita Heiss

Ok, it’s time for the draw for the autographed copy of Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia by Anita Heiss and there were 13 entries, in this order:

  1. Sue from Whispering Gums
  2. Janine from The Resident Judge of Port Phillip
  3. Jeniwren
  4. Bill from The Australian Legend
  5. Sharkell
  6. Caroline
  7. China
  8. Valerie
  9. James
  10. Barbara
  11. Meaghan
  12. Sumara and Peta

Now, what I didn’t tell you lovely people was that I actually have two autographed copies to give away and so we have two winners to draw using the random number generator at Random.Org… and they are…


No 5 Sharkell and No 4 Bill from The Australian Legend!

The book will be on their way to you tomorrow!!

Commiserations if you missed out, but maybe next time:)




  1. Thanks Lisa, I’ll make sure I have it read and reviewed by the end of my summer hols.


    • Congratulations, Bill, I know you’ll find it interesting reading.
      BTW How long does a self-employed truckie give himself for holidays?


      • 4-5 weeks this year. For a lot of that time I’ll have the truck in for major preventative maintenance


        • You’ll have to write a post about what that involves for an owner-driver, eh?


  2. Oh well, I was in it but didn’t win it!! Congrats to Sharkell and Bill.


    • Never mind, next time, maybe:)


      • Haha, yes, Lisa. I’ve won one or even two, perhaps, over the years so I can’t complain. But I can whinge!!!


  3. Thank you so much – I missed this post so imagine my delight when I saw the parcel in the mailbox this morning and then found it was a signed copy. Thank you so much Lisa – I’m really looking forward to reading it.


    • You’re welcome, Sharon, I’m sure you’ll find it rewarding reading.


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