Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 4, 2019

2019 SMH Best Young Novelists

Just a quick post to alert you to the 2019 SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) Best Young Novelists:

Robbie Arnott, see my review of Flames

Jamie Marna Lau’s Pink Mountain on Locust Island, see Amanda’s review at Whispering Gums and Kim’s at Reading Matters

Tom Lee’s Coach Fitz, see my review

Ruby J Murray’s The Biographer’s Lover, see my review (BTW This is the second time Murray has been named, in 2013 she joined five other authors with her debut novel Running Dogs).

See the article at the SMH for more info. 

PS Check out previous winners at Wikipedia.


  1. Reading Robbie Arnott as we speak (chapter ICE)….just wonderful how his writing style changes with each character’s POV.
    Review Pink Mountain for the shortlist Stella…bold new writer, indeed!
    Tom Lee and Ruby J Murray have been added to my post ‘Australian Literary Leftovers” Thanks for the new reading suggestions!


  2. Thanks for this Lisa. I hadn’t seen the announcement (and thanks for the link. That little guest post of Amanda’s has turned out to have been very useful for us!) I didn’t get to read The biographer’s lover, but this listing is clearly a wonderful accolade for her, and the other writers. SMH has tended to choose well over the years, haven’t they?


    • Yes, many thanks to Amanda!
      I think an accolade like this can be a really good thing for an emerging writer, it doesn’t cost anything for the newspaper and it makes people aware of new talent:)


  3. […] run sheet). So, using as my starting point a couple of Lisa’s lists of prize-winners (here, here), the Stella Longlist, and your reviews, I am making up a wish list of my own, which I will take […]


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