Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 30, 2019

2019 Miles Franklin Award winner

Yay!  Melissa Lucashenko has won the 2019 Miles Franklin Award for her novel Too Much Lip.  I am so pleased!

I told you it was a great book back when I reviewed it a year ago:

With great characterisation which includes a helpful ghost and a talking shark, plus a compelling plot which includes a dash of romance, Too Much Lip laces grim realism with witty dialogue, and a message of hope and future reconciliation.  This is Lucashenko’s best book yet.

Let’s not forget the shortlisted books, which are all great reading too.


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  1. I’ll look it up. Read the Death of Noah Glass but I have yet to review it.


    • Hi Guy, it would be great if you could, I haven’t found anyone who has so it would good to link to your review from here.
      (I haven’t got it, and I’m not going to read it until I’ve read Guide to Berlin first.)


  2. I was reading the summaries in the Guardian today and think I might try Sand Archive.


    • That is such a good book! And — hey! — it’s about roads! Well, not really, it’s about much more than roads, it’s the Great Ocean Road which was in all our hearts before it became clogged up with tourists. Do you remember when there was no speed limit on it? The Ex had done a speed driving course and was a rally driver and we barrelled around that road in an open-top Renault Floride so fast you could hardly see the scenery!


  3. Very exciting news!


  4. How hopeless am I. I had in my head it was being announced next week. I was out at reading group last night and didn’t see any news when I got home as I got straight into writing the report of our meeting for the group. I only heard the news on Radio National this morning!

    Like you, I’m thrilled. I had hoped this one would win, because it ticks all the boxes – storytelling, literary quality, and significant meaning.


    • And really enjoyable entertaining reading as well. I take my hat off to all the new crop of indigenous writers who are producing good stories that are interesting for any mainstream reader to enjoy yet also tell the discomfiting truths we need to know.


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