Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 9, 2019

2019 Colin Roderick Award shortlist

The shortlist for this year’s Colin Roderick Award, has been announced.

The shortlisted titles are:

  • Sun Music: New & Selected Poems (Judith Beveridge, Giramondo)
  • Boy Swallows Universe (Trent Dalton, Fourth Estate), see Sue’s review at Whispering Gums and the SRB review
  • The True Colour of the Sea (Robert Drewe, Hamish Hamilton), (short stories, on my TBR, see my review)
  • The Death of Noah Glass (Gail Jones, Text)
  • Dinner with the Dissidents (John Tesarsch, Affirm), see my review. I know, I shouldn’t, I’ve only read one of the shortlist — but I really liked this one so I’m barracking for it anyway!

Books are eligible if they are published in the previous calendar year and can be in any form (poetry or prose), in any genre, as long as it deals with ‘any aspect of Australian life’.

The winner, to be announced on October 31st will receive $20,000, and will also receive the silver H T Priestley Memorial Medal.  (You can see a photo of David Malouf with his gold medal here. Gold medals are presented occasionally for an outstanding contribution to Australian literary culture).

The award is administered by the Foundation for Australian Literary Studies at James Cook University.  Jock Serong won it last year for On The Java Ridge, a book which impressed me for its contemporary significance.

For more information, visit the award website here.  Thanks to @BplusNews for tweeting this announcement.


  1. Hi Lisa, I have just read Robert Drewe’s The True Colour of the Sea – Brilliant. All at my book club last night thought the short stories were great. I haven’t read Sun Music. I did enjoy Dinner with the Dissidents, but I will put my money on The True Colour of the Sea.


    • *snap!* Meg, I’m just reading it now, half way through. I love the one about the cannibals!


  2. I have a copy of Boy Swallows Universe thought hadn’t planned to read it just yet.

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  3. thanks for the link Lisa. I gave Drewe’s book as an Xmas present last year – I really should borrow it now to read it. Interesting list, isn’t it.


    • You are IMO the undisputed Queen of Short Story reviews, so yes, I’d like you to do that!!!


      • I don’t think I’m quite the Queen of them, but thanks for the encouragement! I do enjoy them as you know.


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