Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 9, 2019

2019 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award

The winner of the 2019 Carmel Bird Literary Award has been announced.
The winner is Tanya Vavilova’s short story collection Grub.

According to the Booksellers and Publisher’s website:

Author and prize judge Moya Costello described Grub as ‘astonishingly outside of realism—vividly imagining a queer dystopian future of sex, sadness and sly humour’. The collection includes ‘a range of stories, from the eponymous “Grub”—charting one woman’s obsession with cleanliness—to the dystopian The-Handmaid’s-Tale-esque “Whipped Cream”.’

There were also two other finalists with short story collections:

  • Megan McGrath for All Hands; and
  • James Hughes for Understanding Almost Nothing of the World.

The winner receives $3000 and the finalists each receive $1000. All three works have been published as ebooks by Spineless Wonders, and are available from their website.

PS Ashley Kalagian Blunt was a finalist for this award in 2018, and you can read my review of her novella My Name is Revenge here. 


  1. Sex, sadness and sly humour! This sounds amazing. Congratulations to Tanya, and also to Megan and James.


    • These awards are keeping me busy today!


  2. Thank you for sharing. I forecast more reading in my future :-)


  3. Love those dystopian futures (and the price) I’ll download Grub tonight.


    • You’ll be liking Clare Coleman’s new dystopia too? The Lie (or something like that).


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