Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 8, 2019

2019 Voss Literary Prize longlist

The longlist for the 2019 Voss Literary Prize has been announced., and I’ve read more than half of them.

The longlisted titles are:

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Launched in 2014, the Voss Literary Prize is dedicated to the memory of historian Vivian Robert Le Vaux Voss. Last year’s winner was Bram Presser for The Book of Dirt.

For more information about the Voss Literary Prize prize, please see here.

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!


  1. I hope The Book of Colours wins!


    • Yes, but I want The Everlasting Sunday and Flames to win too.
      (The other ones that I like have already won prizes, in Winton’s case, lots of them. IMO it’s high time he stopped entering).
      I am wondering if I should read the Cochrane, do you know anyone who’s read it?

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      • I feel the same about Boy Swallows Universe, which is excellent, but has already won so much.
        I requested the Cochrane for review back when it was released, but it never arrived. I read a good review on it some time ago over at Newtown Review of Books, but I haven’t seen any other commentary.
        I liked Book of Colours far more than The Everlasting Sunday.


        • I know what you mean. The Everlasting Sunday is not a comfortable read at all. But very powerful. #Thinks I might read it again when we next have a scorcher, all that snow made me feel really cold!

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          • I think it wasn’t the right era of life for me to read it with two teenage sons. I appreciated it, but it was hard going at times.


            • Yup, I can see that. I wouldn’t have liked it at that time of my life either.
              Like just-a-girl by Kirsten Krauth. Great book, but very scary reading for parents of teenage girls.

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  2. I have read five of these as well, including the ‘The Making of Martin Sparrow’ (which I enjoyed). A couple of the others are on my reading list.

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    • That’s a good sign that a prize is getting it right, I reckon.
      Though of course we want them to introduce us to books we might have missed too.
      LOL That’s not too hard for them to get it right, eh?


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