Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 9, 2019

Book Review: Rosa: Memories With Licence (2019) by Ros Collins

A perceptive review of a book written by one of my dearest friends!

Theresa Smith Writes

Rosa: Memories With Licence…

About the Book:

As British as Earl Grey tea, ‘Rosa’ has spent most of her life in Melbourne. Her children and grandchildren are all Australian-born, as was Alan, her writer husband. But Rosa is hesitant about an unconditional commitment to Vegemite, mateship and the ANZAC legend; she remains a perennial migrant, often amused by her memories, here presented with a deliberate overlay of lies and licence.

Her family’s history is nearer to Dickens than the shtetls of Eastern Europe; Rosa herself recalls Dunkirk and the Blitz. Beyond the conservatism of 1950s London that she escaped, Rosa flings open the windows and doors to invite the reader into her Anglo-Australian-Jewish family. She refrains from delving into deep psychological examinations of what it means to be an only child, an only grandchild, a reluctant Jewish teenager, and muse to a man whose terrible childhood scarred him for life…

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  1. I have bought a copy! I just need to allocate time to read it ….

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    • Wonderful! I think it’s a book you can dip in and out of, I read it first in draft form, as it was written, bit by bit.

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    • It won’t take you long once you get started. An afternoon just slipped away from me while I was reading.

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  2. This will be my first review on my return. Am enjoying it too, but so little time to read.

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    • It’s 10.19 here — which means (I think) that it’s 8.30 in Japan. How’s your ankle today?


      • Bruised, and a little swollen, but held up better than we both expected today – thanks for asking. (And you’re right re the difference!)

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