Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 31, 2019

Book Giveaway winner: Well-Behaved Women by Emily Paull

It’s time to draw the winner for the #BookGiveaway!

The prize is Well-Behaved Women, the debut collection of WA author Emily Paull.  This is the press release:

In Well-Behaved Women, Paull voices a chorus of characters that reveal and re-evaluate the expectations of women in Australia today—after all, well-behaved women rarely make history.

A woman grapples with survivor’s guilt after a body is found in her garden bed; an ageing beauty queen contemplates her past; a world champion free-diver disappears during routine training…

In moments disquieting or quietly inspiring, this collection considers the complexity of the connections we make—with our family, friends and neighbours, and with those met briefly or never at all.

‘In Well-behaved Women Emily Paull expertly conveys the small but cumulative acts of emotional repression women endure in order to keep the peace. With great skill and poetry, Paull draws our attention to the psychological toll that such daily concessions take. These fabulous stories will make you smile and cry but most of all, will make you angry—on behalf of all these quietly suffering and “well-behaved” women we all know so well.’—Melanie Cheng, Victorian Premier’s Literary Award Winner.

*Drum roll*

And the winner is: No 1, Sue from Book Obsessed Home! (With BTW one of the best blog headers I’ve ever seen for a booklover!!)


It is a condition of entry for all giveaways on this blog, that if you are the winner, you must contact me with a postal address by the deadline.  For this giveaway, the deadline is the end of next week i.e. Friday November 8th 2019.   (I’ll redraw if this deadline isn’t met).  Your postal address will be forwarded to the publisher who will then send you the book.

So Sue, congratulations, and please get in touch:)

If you missed out this time, the book is available from Margaret River Press and Fishpond: Well-behaved Women


  1. Wow! Was just quickly checking my email during a work break and couldn’t resist clicking the link… what a wonderful surprise! This has absolutely cheered me up for the rest of the (long) afternoon to come. Thank you so much!


    • Not sure how to contact you without giving my address publicly


      • Hi Sue, and congratulations:)
        There’s a contact form on my About page, and it will come privately to me.
        My email address is also in the yada-yada about copyright in the bottom of the RH menu where I hide it from spammers.


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