Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 15, 2019

2019 Voss Literary Prize shortlist

Update 9/12/19 The winner was announced tonight.  Tim Winton. Enough said.


The shortlist for the 2019 Voss Literary Prize has been announced, and I’m a little bit disappointed to see that some of the most interesting books didn’t survive the cull.

Gone from the list are:

Still in contention for the prize are

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Launched in 2014, the Voss Literary Prize is dedicated to the memory of historian Vivian Robert Le Vaux Voss. Last year’s winner was Bram Presser for The Book of Dirt.

For more information about the Voss Literary Prize prize, please see here.

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!


  1. A rare shortlist where I’ve read half of the books!

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  2. I really enjoyed the Winton but abandoned the Dalton… I might go back to it at some point because when I was reading it I was moving continents and a little distracted.


    • I can see that could be a bit of a distraction!


  3. I haven’t read any of those that are gone, but have read three of the shortlist, which is amazing for me. And I will be reading Shepherd’s hut in the next ten days as it’s my reading group’s last book of the year. I’m looking ward to finally reading it.


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