Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 20, 2020

Thea Astley Week, midweek roundup

I was hoping to have my review of An Item from the Late News ready for today, but a headache intervened, and so did the internet going down for a while so I’m re-reading it…  Ah well, it’s folly to rush the reading of any novel by Thea Astley anyway.

So I thought I’d post a roundup of contributions from other readers, and a few other bits and pieces.

First of all: contributions from other readers:

A little hunt around the web unearthed these:



  1. And I reviewed an Astley short story. You must be happy with the response you’re getting this time. Astley seems to be everyone’s favourite writer.

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    • You did too, thank you… I have amended the post.
      (I blame the discombobulating after-effects of Endone which is all I had in the house now that we can’t buy Panadeine).


      • Panadeine was the one medication that I needed occasionally to help my neuropathy – I can sympathise not being able to get it any longer it’s frustrating.


  2. I am still reading An item from the late news! My review will hopefully be done by the weekend, but I’ll see!

    As soon as I saw “obtuse” I thought “obscure” as well.

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  3. Oh, and I’m sorry about your headache – I hope it’s better now. Is this still the eye issue?


    • Not sure. The pain is, but the blurring seems to be both eyes. Maybe it is migraine, I’ve only ever had one once, and I don’t remember how it affected me…
      I’m having trouble reading, even with glasses and have had to enlarge the screen a lot to do this.


      • I’m really sorry you are having all this trouble


        • Better today… I think the blurring (which was quite scary) was perhaps an after effect of the Endone. Last night I zapped the first stirrings of the headache with Panadol and zapped again at bedtime, and that seems to be better…

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          • My father takes endone some nights with no effect (but he’s a medical miracle really) while my Mum had side effects like nausea.

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  4. Hi Lisa, you have my sympathy. Nothing worse than a headache, I gather it is a migraine – so disabling. Take care.


  5. The observation in the article the first link leads to, which notes that Astley said to write a novel you started with a metaphor, sounds somewhat similar to Marilynne Robinson’s method of writing as many metaphors as she can in order to start a story. Both writers have a distinctive style of writing. Fascinating.


    • That’s interesting… I wouldn’t have thought those two would have anything in common, but there it is!!


      • I wouldn’t have thought so either – although both highly intelligent women and with an interest/background in religion perhaps they might have got on better than we think. I just found that fascinating that both start their novels by writing metaphors – who’d have thought?


        • Yes… it interests me, this information, because I’m almost finished Beachmasters and it confirms for me how each novel tackles current affairs that were obviously on her mind. This novel in particular strikes me as a response to an event that became a catalyst for a book…


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