Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 25, 2020

2020 Victorian Premier’s History Award and Community History Awards shortlist

The shortlist for the 2020 Victorian Premier’s History Award and Community History Awards has been announced.

The list at the Public Record Office is a bit confusing because it includes history projects and exhibitions and all sorts of other things, but Books & Publishing has helpfully identified the books from among the 32 publications, and here they are.

The Convent: A City Finds its Heart (Stuart Kells, MUP)
Out of the Madhouse: From Asylums to Caring Community? (Sandy Jeffs and Margaret Leggatt, Australian Scholarly Publishing)
Democratic Adventurer: Graham Berry and the Making of Australian Politics (Sean Scalmer, Monash University Publishing)
Maurice Blackburn: Champion of the People (David Day, Scribe), see my review
Gariwerd: An Environmental History of the Grampians (Benjamin Wilkie, CSIRO Publishing)
Geelong’s Changing Landscape: Ecology, Development and Conservation (David S Jones and Philip B Roös, CSIRO Publishing).

Congratulations to all the authors, researchers, editors and publishers!

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