Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 30, 2020

Gregory Day wins 2020 Patrick White Award

I am indebted to Martin Shaw from @thebooksdesk whose Tweet alerted me to the welcome news that Gregory Day has won the 2020 Patrick White Award (funded by Patrick White using the proceeds of his 1973 Nobel Prize).

I haven’t read all of Day’s novels on my TBR, but I’ve read and reviewed enough to know that I really like his work.  Click on the links to see my reviews:

The Patron Saint of Eels (Mangowak Trilogy #1)

Archipelago of Souls

A Sand Archive shortlisted for the Miles Franklin and my favourite (so far)

Ron McCoy’s Sea of Diamonds (Mangowak Trilogy #2), on my TBR

The Grand Hotel (Mangowak Trilogy #3), on my TBR


To find out more visit Gregory Day wins $15,000 Patrick White Award (


  1. Interesting, a writer I am unfamiliar with.


    • Well, don’t feel bad about that, it’s the point of this award, it’s for writers who haven’t had the attention they deserve. He’s got a beautiful style.


  2. On your recommendation will have to check him out when next I visit library.


    • I should catch up on reading the ones I’ve got on my TBR too…


  3. I just read your review of A Sand Archive Lisa and I’ve put a reserve on it at the library – I do like the look of his writing!


    • It’s beautiful, I *loved* that book:)


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