Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 11, 2020

My Year in Books — 2020

This meme comes to you via Annabel at Annabookbel.

Using only books you have read this year (2020), answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. (Links in the titles will take you to my reviews where they exist)

In high school I was (always in) The Reading Group, by Amanda Lohrey

People might be surprised by (my) Inconvenient Memories, by Anna Wang

I will never be Napoleon’s Beekeeper, by José Luis de Juan, translated by Elizabeth Bryer (I’m allergic to bees).

My life in lockdown was like The End of Certainty, by Katharine Murphy (Quarterly Essay #79)

My fantasy job is (at) Factory 19, by Dennis Glover


At the end of a long day I need (to) Leave the World Behind, by Rumaan Alam

I hate being Untethered, by Hayley Katzen

Wish I had The Dressmaker’s Secret, by Rosalie Ham

My family reunions are A Sack Full of Memories, by Zwi Levin, as told to Joe Reich

At a party you’d find me with The Book Collectors of Daraya, by Delphine Minoui, translated by Lara Vergnaud


I’ve never been to Cyclone Country, by Chrystopher J Spicer

A happy day includes Rules of Civility, by Amor Towles

Motto I live by: Amnesty, by Aravind Adiga

On my bucket list is The Third Tower, Journeys in Italy, by Antal Szerb, translated by Len Rix

In my next life, I want to have The Tolstoy Estate, by Steven Conte


  1. You were quick off the mark with your go! :D Love your lockdown, motto and happy day answers in particular.


    • Ah, it was easy. My categories here on the blog are mainly for me to be able to find things, and they come into their own for things like this. Find the category ‘read in 2020’ and there they all are, in a list, URL already attached. Just a matter of choosing:)
      Elsewhere yesterday too, somebody did a a callout for writers from my state who’d published a book this year. (She was being inundated by people who self-published, which I suspect is not what she wanted). So I found my category for Victorian writers, and checked the ones I found against 21st/century/year of publication/2020 and shared the info. Voila!

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  2. It’s a fun meme. Tempted!!


    • I can see those British Library novels waving at you already!

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  3. Hi Lisa, this is fun. In High School I was always In the Distance by Herman Diaz; People might be Surprised by my Dictionary of Lost Words; I will never be Berta Isla by Javier Maria; My Life in Lockdown was like Living with a Dead Language by Ann Patty; My fantasy job is A Keeper by Graham Norton; At the end of a long day I need A Couple of Things Before the End by Sean O’Beirne; I hate being Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver; Wish I had The Perfect Wife by J P Delaney; My family reunions are Friends and Rivals by Brenda Niall; At a party you will find me with Her by Gary Disher; I’ve never being to the Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys; A happy day includes The Lost Boys by Paul Byrnes; Motto I live by There was Still Love by Favel Perrot; On my bucket list is to see the First Snow on Fuji by Yasunari Kawabata; In My next life I want to have The Rich Man’s House by Andrew McGahan.


    • Wonderful, this made me laugh:)
      (The first laugh-out-loud of the morning, is always the best one…. thank you!)


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  5. Thank you. That was fun.


  6. Ah, Meg, I’ve drafted mine, which I may or may not post, but I had the same motto that you do!

    Fun meme Lisa.

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  8. This is so cool, Lisa! Loved it! Thanks for sharing 😊


    • Maybe we might see one on your blog?


      • Thank you, Lisa 😊 Working on it 😊

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  9. You found the perfect pairing for your family reunions


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  12. Always so much fun. I love your answer for life in lockdown – how perfect!


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  15. Hi Lisa This meme was so much fun to do. Love your selection, especially “after a long day”. Book Title or not, that is very true.

    I’m a bit late to the party, but here’s mine as well: Here’s mine My life in Books 2020

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