Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Best wishes to everyone for the festive season!

Whatever your faith, or if like me you don’t have one, I hope you can celebrate the day with the ones you love, even if only remotely.
2021 will be better!

If you fancy some light reading today, Charles Dickens’ sweetly sentimental A Christmas Carol is online here; Gogol’s very strange The Night Before Christmas is here; and for the young at heart, you can view Tea and Sugar Christmas by Jane Jolly and Robert Ingpen here.


  1. Best wishes Lisa for a better year ahead. Enjoy the day in peace and love.


  2. Happy Holidays Lisa. And I will take the opportunity to say thank you for all you do, for your huge contribution to the Australian and New Zealand Literary scenes (and the world, for that matter). I hope you are enjoying some quality time with family. Much love to you.


    • Sending love and best wishes to you across the miles too give those gorgeous dogs a special hug from me as well!

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  3. Happy Christmas, Lisa.


    • Thanks, Simon, I hope things look up for you before long. And thank you for all the wonderful photography you’ve shared this year, it’s brought back memories of Cornwall that I didn’t know I had.


  4. Merry Christmas Lisa, have a lovely day. Thanks for your blog it is always interesting, and I hope to do Meme tomorrow. But now still celebrating the day – a long one – ending with a fire by the creek with family and friends.


    • Oh, that’s sounds just lovely! It’s a bit brisk here today for outdoors though the sun is shining, but it’s going to be a nice day for lunch with the family tomorrow. I hope Santa brought you some good books to read!


  5. merry christmas


  6. Yay! It’s finally Christmas Day here, too,. Glad yours went well. I finished a delicious book last night – The Glass House by Emily St James Mandell. And I’m looking forward to a juicy mystery today. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you are!


    • LOL What I like about having two days of Christmas is that I get to celebrate with my Australian friends on the first day, and by time the next day rolls around and I’m celebrating with my family, I’m celebrating with my overseas friends as well.
      Have a great day, Becky, and thanks for reading all those political books this year so I knew all about what was going on. Yes, *wink* sometimes more than I wanted to know, but 2021 is looking way better from that PoV!


  7. Happy Christmas Lisa – have a safe one, and look forward to bookish chat in the new year. And the Gogol is a joy – must dig my copy out!!


  8. Merry Christmas to you too, stay safe and well, and I hope you get lots of good bookish loot:)


  9. Merry Christmas, Lisa. Hope you had a nice day yesterday. It was very hot here, but my no-cook dinner — seafood, salads & sparkling wine — was perfect! We were rewarded with a spectacular sunset in the evening. Xx


    • Isn’t it great that seafood is so cheap?! One good thing (for consumers, that is) that’s come out of 2020!!

      We had a great day yesterday: lunch at a restaurant with fellow-orphans, and today we have our family dinner, late in the afternoon.
      It’s a beautiful day here, fine and sunny and warm, not too hot.

      I may be a little vague as the day progresses. Our home-cellared wines are much nicer than any we can afford in a restaurant. I’ve got a lovely old Hunter Valley Semillon for first course, and a great old shiraz for mains. And then there’s my once a year glass of French cognac…


      • Oh, that sounds fab, Lisa.

        Yes, to the seafood! I went to a brilliant fish monger near work (there was a long queue on the road to get into the car park!) but I came with away with a delicious pre-cooked WA rock lobster 🦞 for $30! Plus lots of tiger prawns and banana prawns for another $50, enough to feed two of us for two meals. I bought a very nice Tasmanian sparkling wine to go with it. And I made my traditional flourless chocolate cake to enjoy with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate covered cherries! We had a lovely relaxing day.

        Enjoy your festivities today… Your wine stash sounds amazing.


        • FWIW dollar for dollar I reckon Tasmanian sparkling wine is the best there is. Anything affordable from France is their bottom end stuff, whereas for about the same amount of money you can buy a premium Tassie sparkling that is just gorgeous.
          I love Tassie. I’d love to take a trip there, but the prospect of being stranded in quarantine on arrival or return is just not appealing…


  10. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Lisa x


  11. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your holidays: here’s to a bookish and inspiring 2021.


    • It’s got to be better, right?


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