Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 28, 2021

Author event: Pip Adam in conversation about her novel Nothing to See, with Laura Jean McKay

Thanks to Readings Bookshop, I’ve just been able to enjoy an author event with Pip Adam in conversation about her novel Nothing to See with Laura Jean McKay

Readers may remember that I read and reviewed the Victoria University edition of Nothing to See, when it was released in New Zealand, and I was ecstatic when Giramondo Publishing decided to publish it here in Australia, making it less expensive for us to buy, much easier to get, and with a gorgeous new cover too.  The Giramondo edition also means that the book gets much wider exposure here.

As Pip explained, the plot is basically that two women go into an alcoholic stupor and wake up to find that they have physically split into two bodies. The session began with a reading from the first part of the novel, where the text introduces us to Peggy and Greta, and their very straitened circumstances.  This gave Pip the opportunity to talk about the characters’ pervasive preoccupation with food, about the theme of the divided self and the overarching theme of loneliness: these characters not being seen because they don’t seem to count.

The challenge is to write two characters who are one, and yet make them distinctive.  It was actually very difficult and Pip tried different ways to write it, before settling on the final version.

This was a wide-ranging—and sometimes hard to follow—conversation, so follow the link and listen to it for yourself.


  1. Such an interesting premise. 🐧🌷


    • it’s a great book, one of the most memorable of the last year or so.


  2. This sounds most interesting and will listen to the interview. The subject matter complex but oh so relevant to our culture.


    • Let me know what you think of it… I think it’s a work of genius.


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