Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 14, 2021

2021 ALS Gold Medal Longlist

I’m delighted to see books I loved on this longlist!

The ones I’ve reviewed are Revenge; The Labyrinth; and The Fifth Season. The Rain Heron and Song of the Crocodile are on my TBR.


  1. I almost put The Rain Heron on my 20booksofsummer reading list.


    • *blush* I bought it when it first came out but I haven’t read it yet…


      • Same for me. It’s on a list to be read. 😃😃🌷🌷

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        • LOL. I bought it too but it’s still unread… with about 101 other novels I’ve bought since repatriating!


          • Have you got lots of shelf space in your new flat?


            • Lots of space for shelves not yet bought! When the finances have recovered a little, I will look at buying some proper bookcases.


              • “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” (Erasmus)

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  2. I can recommend ‘The Rain Heron’ and ‘Song of the Crocodile’.


    • *blush* Both have been on my TBR for ages. Though to be fair, I’m saving Song of the Crocodile for ILW in July.

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