Posted by: Lisa Hill | June 19, 2021

Port Fairy Literary Weekend

I am sooooo excited!

As long as the Covid gods don’t intervene between now and next weekend, I am *actually* *going to* a literary weekend.  A real one, not digital!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to a heads-up from Michelle Scott Tucker who’s presenting a session at the Port Fairy Literary Weekend on the Saturday, I have

  • Priority #1, without which nothing happens, booked a dog sitter
  • Priority #2, found a bed for the night
  • Priority #3, bought the tickets
  • Priority #4, invited The Spouse to find a nice restaurant for dinner on Saturday

This is the guest lineup:

The weekend is organised by the lovely people at Blarney’s Books at 37 James Street, Port Fairy, Victoria 3284 phone: 5568 2174.

For those not in the know, Port Fairy is one of the most gorgeous places on the Victorian coast.  I love it all year round, but especially in winter when the waves are wild and the wind is strong but the tourists are somewhere else.


  1. I’ll share your excitement even if I can’t get there myself! Real face to face festivals are only slowly making a return here.


    • Well, the irony is that I should have been at a festival this weekend that got cancelled. So we need lots of good karma coming our way to make sure this one goes ahead.


  2. Sounds wonderful.Let’s hope it’s the start of many more.


    • Oh, yes, me too. But I still want the digital option. Reading Growing Up Disabled in Australia made me realise that this is an option that ought to be part of regular programming.


  3. I do hope you get there and no Covid gremlins intervene. Will look forward to hearing about it.


    • There’s free wi-fi at the apartment, so (as long as I don’t overdo the cocktails at dinner) I will report on proceedings:)


  4. Oh how great Lisa. I look forward to hearing all about it. Fingers crossed this won’t have to be cancelled.


    • Yes indeed, fingers crossed. I am rather worried about the situation in NSW because their approach is, shall we say, politely because we hate it when they sledge us, ‘a bit different’ to ours and those ‘fleeting transmissions’ could be anywhere by now.

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  5. Can’t wait to see you there – it really is exciting to be going to a live festival, isn’t it?


  6. Lovely! Have fun!


  7. Have a great time, Lisa. Blarney Books are fantastic!

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  8. […] readers will remember my unrestrained excitement when I posted about being able to attend a ‘real’ literary event, the Port Fairy Literary Wee…  That was back in June when Melburnians were tentatively venturing forth after months of Covid […]


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