Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 6, 2021

Book Giveaway: Imaginative Possession by Belinda Probert

With perfect timing to cheer readers fed up with all things Covid, comes a giveaway offer from new publishing venture Upswell Press.

You will have heard about Upswell Press and this book, Imaginative Possession, Learning to Live in the Antipodes by Belinda Probert from my post about the Mildura LitFest.  I really like the subtitle — it makes it clear that migration takes effort and humility.  This is the blurb:

Wondering how migrants can fully settle on this ancient continent, Belinda Probert bought a property in the “country” to observe things more closely and learn to garden differently.

At a time when many easy assumptions about how we live and how our society functions are being questioned there is room for contemplation of a country that is ancient, occupied for at least sixty thousand years, and young, a national federation for only twelve decades.

Belinda Probert, a migrant from England, sets out to question in words and action how well she understands the landscapes she has seen and the people that have shaped them. She takes with her a set of writers who have asked the same questions, or provided interpretations of our sense of belonging, to test their words against her own emerging views. Wondering how a nation of immigrants can fully settle here she decided she needed to buy a property in the ‘country’ so she could observe it more closely, and learn to garden differently.

Trees fell on her, ants bit her, bowerbirds stole her crops, but from the exercise she discovers much more about soil, trees, water, animals and protecting herself from fire emergencies. Driving back and forth she learns to see the ancient heritage all around us, and rural industries that have destroyed and created so much.

About the author:

Belinda Probert grew up in the Weald of Kent, wanting to be a sheep farmer. After a PhD on the Troubles in Northern Ireland she accepted a job at the newly opened Murdoch University in Western Australia to teach peace and conflict studies / social and political theory and explore her Australian family connections.

She is the author of books about Northern Ireland, gender equity, and Working Life: Arguments about Work in Australian Society.

Praise for Imaginative Possession: 

A wonderfully friendly and likeable book. It put me in a good mood for days, and taught me a thousand important things.”
— Helen Garner, winner of the Windham- Campbell prize

“This is a delightful book, a scintillatingly original nature story that will engage readers on multiple levels.”
— Iain McCalman, award- winning author of The Reef: A Passionate History from Captain Cook to Climate Change


Interested? Please add your name to the comments below, and I’ll draw the winners at the end of next week.  All entries from readers with an Australian postcode for delivery will be eligible but it is a condition of entry that if you are the winner, you must contact me with a postal address by the deadline that will be specified in the blog post that announces the winner. (I’ll redraw if this deadline isn’t met). Your postal address will be forwarded to the publisher who will then send you the book.

Good luck everybody!


  1. Sarah Ross ☺️


  2. This author sounds wonderfully interesting. Thank you for sharing. I don’t need to go in your draw for the book. I’d rather it goes to someone in a lockdown state. I have more than enough to read. I hope the winner enjoys it.


  3. Yes please!


    • Good luck to you too, Jennifer!


  4. Hand up.


  5. I can’t in all honesty go into your give-away, Lisa, but the book looks really lovely, and it’s great to see this new independent press from a publisher with great runs on the board.


    • Ha! I bet you’ll want a copy once you see my review!


  6. Don’t enter me in your draw, Lisa, as I have just bought a subscription to Upswell and will no doubt receive a copy of this soonish.


    • Way to go!


      • I met Terri-ann when I first moved to Perth when she hosted a book launch at UWA and she was lovely, warm and welcoming (I also met Amanda Curtain at that event). As soon as I knew she had her own publishing venture I signed up to the mailing list. Been contemplating taking out a subscription for months now, but having just bought a flat and drained ALL my savings, money has been tight. But I still had some dosh from my parents for my birthday in July and while this didn’t cover the whole subs it paid for a chunk of it, which made the decision easier :-)


        • Book money for birthdays… yesssss!
          The Spouse and I watched the news about likely product shortages for Xmas shopping and decided there and then that we’d give each other book money and problem solved!

          Liked by 1 person

  7. I’ve had my eye on this one ever since I first heard about it. It sounds fascinating.


  8. I’d love to be entered in your draw. Thanks! ~Per Henningsgaard


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