Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 8, 2021

2021 ARA Historical Novel Prize Longlists

2021 ARA Historical Novel Prize Longlists were announced today.

What follows was shamelessly pilfered from the ARA’s Facebook page…

(I went to physio today and my paw is painful so any shortcut is a good shortcut).

The Longlist for the 2021 ARA Historical Novel Prize – Adult Category is:

The judges also awarded two books a Highly Commended honour:

Links on the titles go to the publisher’s website.

Click here for further information about the longlisted Adult books and their authors.

Click here for information about the longlisted Children’s and YA books and their authors.


  1. Poor you, those physio sessions can sometimes be so painful. These days its hard to find a physio who does much hands on work, they seem to rely a lot of machinery….


    • I know what you mean, but this was more like rehab, where a skilled practitioner can push you a little bit further than you think you can go, so that as you do their exercises over the next week or so, you know what to aim for and can eventually get there even though it hurts. I was somewhat cheered to find that I’ve improved on flexibility by 20% but on strength, my grip is terrible. My left hand, which has been doing all the work since the first week of July scored 30, while my right hand was only a pitiful 9. No wonder I can’t open a jam jar… I’m going to have to work at that!


      • I’m very confident that you’ll be an A grade student and will do the rehab exercises. It might be slow progress but at least you ARE making progress


        • I’ll let you know when I can slice a loaf of bread for my toast in the morning!


  2. I haven’t even heard of half of these 🤦🏻‍♀️ and only read one (the Gail Jones)

    Hope your paw improves & feels better soon 😊


    • I tried driving the car today, the first time my car’s been started up for 8 weeks! I managed to wrangle it out of our awkward driveway and tootled round the block, then ventured onto the highway to charge up the battery a bit. I was just starting to enjoy myself when it dawned on me that charging the battery isn’t one of the five legal reasons to leave home during Lockdown so I scarpered back home as fast as I legally could!

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  3. […] To see the shortlisted authors, see here. and the longlist here. […]


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