Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 24, 2021

2021 ARA Historical Novel Prize Shortlist

2021 ARA Historical Novel Prize shortlist has been announced.

The shortlist for the 2021 ARA Historical Novel Prize – Adult Category is:

The ARA Historical Novel Prize winners will be announced at the HNSA virtual conference on 22 October 2021

Links on the titles go to the publisher’s website.


  1. I have Heiss’s book. I really will try to read it soon. And, I still have to read anything by Jones and Serong!


    • LOL I have two of Gail Jones’s books on the TBR. I read something of hers ages ok, didn’t like the heavy-handed symbolism but bought another and liked it even less. But she niggles away at me, so many people admire her books, so I’ve bought the two I still have, out of guilt, I think!


  2. I have yet to read ‘Our Shadows’, but I really like the other two.


    • I am so torn… am I going to buy another by Jones and never get round to reading it?
      No, but I’ve just put a reserve on it at the library…

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  3. If it helps you decide whether to read Our Shadows, you can read my response here –
    but, I suspect it will only confirm your thoughts about her use of ‘heavy-handed symbolism’.


  4. I loved Our Shadows but I read it in Kalgoorlie, where it is set, and that might have had an impact on my opinion.

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    • Well, I’ve just started it and I’m pleasantly surprised! Not super-excited, but it’s much better than what I last read of hers.

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      • She can be hit and miss. But I really enjoyed this one!


        • I’ve been to Kalgoorlie too, back in the 1980s, so maybe that’s got something to do with it too.

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  5. […] see the shortlisted authors, see here. and the longlist […]


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