Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 9, 2021

2021 Readings Prize winner

The winner of the 2021 Readings Prize is Lucky’s by Andrew Pippos.

Lucky’s is a story of family. A story about migration.
It is also about a man called Lucky.  His restaurant chain.
A fire that changed everything.
A New Yorker article which might save a career.
The mystery of a missing father. An impostor who got the girl.
An unthinkable tragedy.
A roll of the dice.
And a story of love – lost, sought and won again (at last).

You can read the judge’s report here, and a review by Alison Huber at Readings here, where of course, you can buy the book at the special price of $26.99!

PS Lucky’s was also shortlisted for the PM’s award and the Miles Franklin.


  1. I have this in ny pile of books I want to read.


    • Did you see Sue’s post today about migrant stories that are not memoirs? This is a good example of what she was talking about, I think…


  2. For some reason this book simply does not appeal to me. I am probably missing a trick


    • I was waiting for someone else to review it first… but now I’m thinking, all those nominations for prizes and winning this one, maybe it’s time to check it out!


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