Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 2, 2022

2022 Ockham NZ Book Awards Shortlist

The 2022 Ockham NZ Book Awards shortlist has been announced.

Alas, I haven’t read any of them, and I’m cross about the omission of Loop Tracks by Sue Orr.  See my review.

Update, the next day: I am not the only one bemused by this omission, see Craziest Ockham Book Awards Ever by Steve Braunias (who edits NZ’s Newsroom’s books section, ReadingRoom) here.

This is the fiction list:

Visit the awards website for more.


  1. Interesting, the Steve Braunius link didn’t work, I did find it by searching, thought you may wish to know to fix it.


  2. Phew, so many prizelists. What is a reader to do!


  3. Take a deep breath and read something from the TBR till it all calms down!


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