Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 5, 2022

2022 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards shortlists

Oh! Did I miss the longlist announcement for the 2022 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards? If I did, I can’t find it anywhere and I apologise to the authors listed on it.

Anyway, here’s the shortlist:

Christina Stead Prize for Fiction

Dark as Last Night, by Tony Birch

The Kindness of Birds by Merlinda Bobis, see my review

The Shut Ins by Katherine Brabon

The Dogs by John Hughes, see my review

Pushing Back by John Kinsella

The Performance by Claire Thomas, see my review

Highly Commended

Love Objects by Emily Maguire, see my review

The Other Half of You by Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Believe in Me by Lucy Neave, see my review

UTS Glenda Adams Award for New Writing

The New Animal by Ella Baxter

Friends & Dark Shapes by Kavita Bedford

Low Expectations by Stuart Everly Wilson

Night Blue by Angela O’Keeffe, see my review

The Archaeology of a Dream City by Monica Raszewski

Highly Commended

The Magpie Wing by Max Easton

Love & Virtue by Diana Reid

Douglas Stewart Prize for Non Fiction

Leaping into Waterfalls by Bernadette Brennan, on my TBR

Black and Blue by Veronica Gorrie

The Mother Wound by Amani Haydar

The Winter Road by Kate Holden

The School by Brendan James Murray

Rogue Forces by Mark Willacy

Indigenous Writers Award

After Story by Larissa Behrendt, see my review

Ghost Bird by Lisa Fuller

Bila Yarrudhangglangdhuray, River of Dreams by Anita Heiss, see my review

True Tracks by Terri Janke

The Boy from the Mish by Gary Lonesborough

God, the Devil and Me by Alf Taylor

Click here to see all the other award categories.


  1. There are some terrific reads there, and others I have not (yet) read.


    • Yes. I’m a bit cross with myself… I bought The School, and then when I was trying to make space on my NF TBR, I thought I didn’t really want to revisit school issues and I recycled it at the U3A bookswap.

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      • Sigh. I know that feeling, Lisa. I have an electronic copy of The School and hope to read it very soon.


        • It had very good reviews at the time that I bought it.


  2. I saw this come through this morning but I don’t recollect a longlist.

    I’ve only read a couple, but I do have a few on my TBR, and hope to get to some of them soon. The only one I’ve read that you haven’t is Alf Taylor’s memoir. I’ve seen very little about it so it’s interesting to see it here.


    • PS I gave my daughter Love and virtue for Christmas and she loved it.


      • PPS (Sorreee!) It just occurred to me that Highly commended on shortlists is unusual. Maybe they did this instead of having a longlist


        • Yes, I wondered if that was the case too.
          There are three listed here that I borrowed from the library, started them, gave them a fair fifty pages to engage me, and returned them unread. I haven’t named them because the last time I did that, someone tackled me about it and I had to spend time on books I didn’t finish justifying why I didn’t finish them. It was a waste of time, on top of a waste of time.

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          • Fair enough… I think I remember your being tackled though can’t recollect which books (and no I’m not asking you to name them and open that can of worms again!)

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  3. Do they always release a long list? I know the WA ones tend to go straight to a shortlist.

    The only book here that I have read that you haven’t is The New Animal by Ella Baxter, which I loved. And I am currently reading Alf Taylor’s memoir for my #readingfirstnationswriters project


    • You might be right… I’ve just looked back at my own posts tagged with NSWPLA, and FWIW for each year there’s just a post about the shortlists and the winner, not for any longlists.
      But I’d be the first to admit that I don’t (can’t) always post about awards, there’s just too many to keep track of them all.

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