Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 16, 2022

2022 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards winners

The winners of the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards were announced tonight.

The winners are in bold. Congratulations to all the authors, editors, and publishers!

Book of the Year

Still Alive by Safdar Ahmed

Christina Stead Prize for Fiction

Dark as Last Night, by Tony Birch

The Kindness of Birds by Merlinda Bobis, see my review

The Shut Ins by Katherine Brabon

The Dogs by John Hughes, see my review

Pushing Back by John Kinsella

The Performance by Claire Thomas, see my review

Highly Commended

Love Objects by Emily Maguire, see my review

The Other Half of You by Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Believe in Me by Lucy Neave, see my review

UTS Glenda Adams Award for New Writing

Hold Your Fire by Chloe Wilson

The New Animal by Ella Baxter

Friends & Dark Shapes by Kavita Bedford

Low Expectations by Stuart Everly Wilson

Night Blue by Angela O’Keeffe, see my review

The Archaeology of a Dream City by Monica Raszewski

Highly Commended

The Magpie Wing by Max Easton

Love & Virtue by Diana Reid

Douglas Stewart Prize for Non Fiction

Leaping into Waterfalls by Bernadette Brennan, on my TBR

Black and Blue by Veronica Gorrie

The Mother Wound by Amani Haydar

The Winter Road by Kate Holden

The School by Brendan James Murray

Rogue Forces by Mark Willacy

Indigenous Writers Award

After Story by Larissa Behrendt, see my review

Ghost Bird by Lisa Fuller

Bila Yarrudhangglangdhuray, River of Dreams by Anita Heiss, see my review

True Tracks by Terri Janke, on my TBR

The Boy from the Mish by Gary Lonesborough

God, the Devil and Me by Alf Taylor

People’s Choice Award

The Shut Ins by Katherine Brabon

Click here to see all the other award categories.


  1. Oh, I wish The Performance had got up. I feel like that book has been overlooked in the prize arena.


    • I was very pleased to see Anita Heiss’s win:)


  2. Thanks for posting this, Lisa. It’s the first time in many years that i haven’t followed the awards ceremony, at least on Twitter. And when I see that I haven’t read or seen A SINGLE ONE of the winners, I guess the universe is telling me something. But, as you say, that’s a great list of books to read.


    • *chuckle* I think that the only thing the universe is telling you is that it’s impossible to keep up!

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  3. I’ve read so few, but I do have several on my TBR. I’ll get to most of them.


    • I’m planning to read Leaping into Waterfalls soon, but right now I’m reading Hazel Rowley’s bio of Richard Wright, tracing his path from grandchild of slaves to one of the most notable writers of the C20th. So of course like all good LitBios it’s making me want to read the author’s books as well…


      • I have his Native son here on my TBR… For, oh, 15 years or so!


        • I’ve got Black Boy…


          • Ah, that’s his memoir and mine is a novel.


            • Yes. Rowley refers to it a lot in her bio.

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              • I bet she does… I think it’s his best known work.


                • I keep thinking I should stop reading the bio and read him first, but the book is on loan from Della Rowley so I want to return it to her ASAP.

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  4. Congratulations to all of the winners of the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. I’m glad that more Aboriginal writers are receiving the recognition and accolades they deserve. Shout out to Dr. Tony Birch & Dr. Anita Heiss for their contributions to Australian and Black Diasporic Letters.


  5. I think Anita is in Paris on a travelling fellowship, what agreat place to be celebrating, eh?


  6. I recently bought the Tony Birch book. I really liked his writing in one of our book group books we read of his. I forget title at the moment. Old brain cells.


    • Would that have been The White Girl? or his short stories Common People?
      Both great books, I haven’t got this one yet…

      Liked by 1 person

      • OOps I just mixed him up with Graham Swift. Disregard that last comment. I hate getting old!!


        • Still. a good author to mix him up with! I really like Swift’s books…


  7. I was speaking to one of the lovely people at Twelve Panels Press today looking for copies of Still Alive. Needless to say they were all very chuffed. They are a very small publisher of Australian graphic novels, with only two books on their list atm. To have one win a major prize is very exciting.

    Safdar Ahmed’s book began as a webpage that you can find here –


    • Yes, they must be thrilled to bits. Good on them for taking the risk on this title!

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