Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 2, 2022

2022 NIB Literary Award longlist

The 2022 Mark and Evette Moran Literary Award longlist has been announced.

Established in 2002, the NIB is an award that focusses on excellence in Australian research and writing, and it’s the only major national literary award of its kind presented by a local council, i.e. Waverley Council (in NSW).

This year’s total prize pool is $28,500. Finalists each receive the Alex Buzo Shortlist Prize (6 x $1,000) and will be eligible for the Nib People’s Choice Prize ($2,500) and the Mark & Evette Moran Nib Literary Award ($20,000).

Alas, I have read only one of the nominees, and have only one on the TBR.

  • Currowan by Bronwyn Adcock (Black Inc Books)
  • Telling Tennant’s Story by Dean Ashenden (Black Inc Books)
  • Q Anon & On: A Short and Shocking History of Internet Conspiracy Cults by Van Badham (Hardie Grant Books)
  • Leaping into Waterfalls by Bernadette Brennan (Allen & Unwin), on my TBR
  • Two Afternoons In The Kabul Stadium by Tim Bonyhady (Text Publishing)
  • Making Australian History by Anna Clark (Penguin Random House)
  • Signs and Wonders by Delia Falconer (Scribner Australia), see my review
  • The Asparagus Wars by Carol Major (ES Press)
  • Delia Akeley and the Monkey by Ian McCalman (Upswell Publishing)
  • Mafioso by Colin McLaren (Hachette Australia)
  • Mortals by Rachel Menzies and Ross Menzies (Allen & Unwin)
  • Inseparable Elements by Patsy Millet (Fremantle Press)
  • My Tongue Is My Own by Ann-Marie Priest (La Trobe University Press)
  • Red Heaven by Nicolas Rothwell (Text Publishing)
  • A Great Hope by Jessica Stanley (Picador Australia)
  • Here Goes Nothing by Steve Toltz (Penguin Random House)
  • The Jane Austen Remedy by Ruth Wilson (Allen & Unwin)



  1. Leaping Into Waterfalls has my vote, although I’m about to start The Jane Austen Remedy, so that may confuse my choice.

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    • I loved Signs and Wonders. But I’m intrigued to see Here Goes Nothing by Steve Toltz because this is an award for research and from its description it doesn’t sound as if research would figure much in the writing of it. But I must be wrong about that!


  2. OK; I’ve only just heard about this (virtually this minute, in fact). May I be so bold, Lisa, as to publicly declare how pleased I am that Inseparable Elements has made this long list, as the author (and the subject’s daughter) happens to be a good friend of mine back in Perth. Might I also encourage you to give it a whirl, if your TBR pile can accommodate it?


    • I’m sorry, I’m going to disappoint you, Glen. I’ve got Brenda Niall’s True North on my TBR but I bought it because I’ll read any bio by Brenda Niall not because I’m interested in Mary Durack.
      I have to confess to my failure ever to read anything by Mary Durack. I did try once, but just didn’t get on with it at all. (Grass Castles, I think, but it was a long time ago.)


      • Yes, I didn’t really need to put you up to reading her book. I’m just pleased for the recognition she’s had.


        • It’s always nice when someone you know hits the big time!


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