Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 14, 2022

2022 Historical Novel Prize longlist

This is a super quick post because Life is In The Way…

Later the same day:

Ok. I’m back on deck and have edited this post to add in the Children’s & YA category longlist as well, and links to other reviews.

The Historical Novel Prize longlist for 2022 has been announced.

I’m very pleased to see books I’ve reviewed and admired on this list, links go to my reviews:

I’ll hunt out other reviews later.  (I know Theresa Smith has reviewed some of them).

Theresa Smith has reviewed these ones, links are to her reviews:


And here is the Children’s and YA longlist:

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!


  1. Hope that you’re just busy, thanks for taking a moment off dealing with your present life.


    • Thank you!
      But there is no cause for concern, I was just having a lovely lunch with a dear and special friend, and then because it’s such a beautiful spring day, we took a stroll around the Cheltenham Pioneer cemetery.


  2. So thrilled to see this list!


    • Especially for Portland Jones, eh?


      • I’m delighted for Portland, and for David Whish-Wilson too, but I confess I’ve felt all along that this one has my dear friend Robyn Mundy’s name on it!


        • There’s something about her writing, the way that she portrays that attraction to the wild and the opportunities that gives for introspection in such an authentic way. The way solitude tests relationships… but also — am I over interpreting this? that it doesn’t really matter that much if the relationship doesn’t survive because her people are complete in themselves. I find this very refreshing in a world where being independent in that way is regarded as a bit peculiar.

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  3. I recently read the Whish-Wilson and will review in a few days.


    • Excellent, we should be able to cover the adult list between us.
      I wish I knew who was reviewing YA…

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  4. Thanks for the links!


  5. I have Cold Coast unread on my shelf. I’ve heard mixed messages about The good wife of bath. I really enjoyed Horse and hope it is a serious contender. The other books look to be interesting.


    • Hi Pam, am I right in thinking that you went to an author talk by Robyn Mundy?


      • Yes I did. I bought the book there. My husband read and enjoyed it. It is on a priority list for me to read, haha😀


        • LOL isn’t it some kind of miracle of the modern age that I knew this, when we have never met (not yet anyway) and don’t even live in the same state!


  6. […] to Lisa at ANZ LitLovers for posting the news last week. Lisa has reviewed several of the adult […]


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