Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 27, 2022

2022 NIB Literary Award shortlist

The 2022 Mark and Evette Moran Literary Award shortlist has been announced.

Established in 2002, the NIB is an award that focusses on excellence in Australian research and writing, and it’s the only major national literary award of its kind presented by a local council, i.e. Waverley Council (in NSW).

This year’s total prize pool is $28,500. Finalists each receive the Alex Buzo Shortlist Prize (6 x $1,000) and will be eligible for the Nib People’s Choice Prize ($2,500) and the Mark & Evette Moran Nib Literary Award ($20,000).

Alas, I have read only one of the nominees — but that’s enough to know that Signs and Wonders must be in fine company.

  • Two Afternoons In The Kabul Stadium by Tim Bonyhady (Text Publishing)
  • Signs and Wonders by Delia Falconer (Scribner Australia), see my review
  • The Asparagus Wars by Carol Major (ES Press)
  • Mafioso by Colin McLaren (Hachette Australia)
  • Mortals by Rachel Menzies and Ross Menzies (Allen & Unwin)
  • Here Goes Nothing by Steve Toltz (Penguin Random House)

The winners of the Nib People’s Prize and Mark & Evette Moran Nib Literary Award will be announced on 16 November 2022. You can find out more at the award website.

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!


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  2. I aways enjoy this prize because, with its particular angle, it does throw up some left field titles.


    • It would be interesting to know exactly how they define their criteria. I mean, what exactly is excellence in research, and how do you judge it if you’re not a specialist in that field? One example I can think of, from a couple of years ago, is Our Mob Served, where the researchers worked out respectful protocols with First Nations people, and then used all kinds of research techniques to uncover a history of First Nations military service. It doesn’t seem even to have been longlisted, but it stands out in my memory as exemplary. (Though of course, I’m not an expert, and presumably someone on the judging panel would be.)

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