Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 5, 2022

2022 Victorian Premier’s History Award shortlist

For reasons I once knew but have forgotten, the Victorian Premier’s History Awards are separate to the main event. But important nonetheless!

Here’s the (rather long) shortlist, with thanks to Tara Oldfield at the Public Record Office Victoria.

(It won’t surprise anybody that I haven’t read most of them, but I think it’s a very good thing that people are writing histories of towns and suburbs, and of industries I know nothing about. Chez nous we had two histories of our local suburb, and one of the suburb in which The Spouse grew up. Such histories are never going to be bestsellers, they’re a labour of love. They matter because they ground us in local history that matters to us.)

A History of Trans Health Care in Australia, by AusPATH and Noah Riseman

A Sort of History of Me, My Family and a Cow Named Gina, by Sebastian J. ‘Sam’ Gatto

Aboriginal Fire-management Practices in Colonial Victoria in Aboriginal History, Fred Cahir, Ian D. Clark, Dan Tout, Benjamin Wilkie and Jidah Clark

About Corayo: A Thematic History of Greater Geelong, David Rowe

Across Bass Strait: Inter-colonial Trade in Meat and Livestock, by Jane L. Lennon

Charles Strong’s Australian Church: Christian Social Activism 1885-1917, by Marion Maddox

Early Days: Greensborough and St Helena, Volume 1, Greensborough 1837‒1860 and St Helena 1840‒1900,  by Greensborough Historical Society

Extinct: Artistic Impressions of our Lost Wildlife, by Benjamin Gray

Heritage Making and Migrant Subjects in the Deindustrialising Region of the Latrobe Valley, by Alexandra Dellios

His Walking Feet in Meanjin,  by Jill Giese

‘Loyally Made for Loyal Australians’: Industrial Heritage, Modernity and Nationalism at Australian Knitting Mills, Richmond, 1910-55 in Victorian Historical Journal, by Chris McConville

Policing Gender Nonconformity in Victoria, 1900‒1940 in Provenance,  by Adrien McCrory

Red Cliffs Recollections: A Century of Soldier Settlement 1921‒2021, by Red Cliffs Historical Society (Helen Petschel, Christine Cook and Matthew Cook)

Report on the Place Name: Moreland, by Dr James Lesh

Revealing Stories: The Hidden History of the Performing Arts Scene in Brunswick and Coburg, by Janine Barrand and Dianna Wells

Still on Track: 100 Years of the Melbourne Women’s Walking Club,  by Melbourne Women’s Walking Club

The Architecture of Devotion: James Goold and His Legacies in Colonial Melbourne,  by Jaynie Anderson, Max Vodola and Shane Carmody

The Women of Little Lon,  by Barbara Minchinton, see Janine’s review at The Resident Judge of Port Phillip

Vandemonians: The Repressed History of Colonial Victoria, by Janet McCalman, see my review.

Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues: 30 Years, by Adrian Jackson

William Cooper: An Aboriginal Life Story, by Bain Attwood


Visit their website for more information:

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