Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 7, 2022

Non Fiction November – Book Pairings

It’s Week 2 of Nonfiction November, this week hosted by What’s Nonfiction.

Nonfiction November’s Book Pairings is always the most challenging of these memes for me to complete, but I think I have hit on a cunning strategy for now and for the future!

What better match could there be than a literary biography or study and a novel by its subject, eh?

Amanda Lohrey is best known for The Labyrinth (2020) which won the Miles Franklin Award, but The Morality of Gentlemen (1984) was her first novel, and the literary study of Lohrey by Julianne Lamond in MUP’s Contemporary Writers Series was the catalyst for me to read it.

It was Nathan Hobby’s blog, A Biographer in Perth, that introduced me to Katharine Susannah Prichard, a writer of such importance that she has her own page here at ANZ LitLovers. I’ve been reading her novels since 2017, but this year in honour of Nathan’s biography The Red Witch, I read KSP’s The Goldfields Trilogy, beginning with the first in the series The Roaring Nineties (1946).


  1. I like your strategy!

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  2. Haha, Lisa, I love this one the most in the month because it’s fun … mine is scheduled for tomorrow as I have Monday Musings tonight.

    Of course I liked your pairings.

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  3. Great pairings! I find this week tricky to do, so this year I wrote it through the year whenever I came across a pair, and that worked well for me!


    • As I’ve said on your blog, I’m impressed by your forward planning.
      If I could be as self-disciplined as that, the strategy would work well for me too.

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  4. Oh, that is a great idea, I absolutely love it.

    Book-Paring is one of my favourite weeks of Non-fiction November. My Week 2.


    • Wow, yours on your blog is much more than a pairing!


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