Posted by: Lisa Hill | February 10, 2023

Spell The Month in Books: January 2023

I found this meme at Jennifer’s Tasmanian Bibliophile at Large.  She found it from a linkup hosted on Reviews From the Stacks on the first Saturday of each month. 

Like Jennifer, I’m leaving the first Saturday of the month for #6Degrees (when I get time to do it).  I’m just going to do this one whenever I feel like it.

Jennifer has also done it for January and February, but I’m just going to do January, and I’m just going to use Australian titles.

My January list:

Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow

Accidental Feminists by Jane Caro

Night Blue by Angela O’Keeffe

Untethered by Hayley Katzen

Adrift in Melbourne by Robyn Annear

Rise and Shine by Patrick Allington

You Daughters of Freedom, The Australians Who Won the Vote and Inspired the World by Clare Wright

What I like about doing playful memes like this is that I revisit my reading history and rediscover some books I really like and admired.

Click the links to my reviews to see why.

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  1. Some terrific books here, Lisa!


    • Absolute favourites, every one of them!


  2. Hi Lisa, Excellent!


  3. That’s a fun meme – if I had more energy I might tackle it (just had a two day Ofsted inspection at work…)


  4. I’d really like to read Night Blue one day. It sounds intriguing.

    I’m in the position where I’m reading too many books but not finishing them! So currently I have no reviews – I’m all caught up.
    This could be a go way to fill a gap and revisit old friends at the same time :-)


    • I had a little patch like that last week. One book I got all the way to page 174 — page number seared into my mind because that’s where the unexpected too graphic-for-me child sexual abuse was — and the other where I thought, oh no, not another visit to a war veteran’s memories, I’m just not in the mood. I was almost afraid to pick up another contemporary novel!


      • Curiously I’m enjoying all the books I have in the go atm, I just keep picking up a new one every few days! My mood is all over the place these days (I’ll be so glad to finally be post-menopausal!) & trying to find a book to match/soothe/entertain/distract is proving to be rather tricky.


        • Might it be post-Covid dopiness?


          • Covid was way back in June. This feels more hormonal in nature. It will pass I’m sure.


            • My Covid was way back in May but I haven’t recovered my energy levels yet…


              • Oh dear! That’s not good.
                My energy & mood levels fluctuate in a way which seem to mirror my hormonal changes.


      • PS how awful to read a graphic child sex abuse scene. As (former) teachers we already know all too well these scenes. I cannot read them either.


        • And they are everywhere in Oz Fiction! Every time I see a book description I parse it very carefully to see what I’m up for…
          I probably reject some books that don’t deserve it, but I just can’t bear reading any more of it.


  5. […] Lisa @ANZLit Lovers alerted me to this meme. She found it at Jennifer’s Tasmanian Bibliophile at Large who found it over at Jana’s Reviews From the Stacks. […]

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  6. I also like memes for reviewing reading history (or making me browse my TBR stack).

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