Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 1, 2023

2023 NSW Premier’s Awards Shortlist

The 2023 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards have been announced.

The Christina Stead Prize for fiction nominees are:

  • Cold Enough for Snow by Jessica Au, see my review
  • Every Version of You by Grace Chan
  • Women I Know by Katerina Gibson
  • Iris by Fiona Kelly McGregor, see my review
  • Bad Art Mother by Edwina Preston, see my review
  • Grimmish by Michael Winkler

I haven’t  come across any of the nominees for the UTS Glenda Adams Award for New Writing:

  • Blaze by Del Kathryn Barton and Huna Amweero
  • The Eulogy by Jackie Bailey
  • We Come with This Place by Debra Dank
  • Women I Know by Katerina Gibson
  • The Rat-Catcher’s Apprentice by Maggie Jankuloska
  • The Upwelling by Lystra Rose
  • Hush by Ciella Williams
  • At the Altar of Touch by Gavin Yuan Gao

The Douglas Stewart award for Non-fiction nominees are:

  • We Come with This Place by Debra Dank
  • Mothertongues by Ceridwen Dovey and Eliza Bell, see my review
  • How to End a Story, Diaries 1995-1998 by Helen Garner
  • Bedtime Story by Chloe Hooper, see my review
  • Crimes Against Nature by Jeff Sparrow
  • Another Day in the Colony by Chelsea Watego

The Multicultural NSW Award nominees are:

  • 11 Words for Love by Randa Abdel Fatta and Maxine Beneba Clarke
  • The Eulogy by Jackie Bailey
  • Scary Monsters by Michelle de Kretser, see my review
  • The Whitewash by Siang Lu
  • The Bonesetter’s Fee and Other Stories by Rashida Murphy
  • When Granny came to Stay by Alice Pung and Sally Soweal Han

The Translation Prize nominees are:

  • People from Bloomington by Budi Darma, translated from the Indonesian by Tiffany Tsao
  • On the Line by Joseph Ponthus, translated from the French by Stephanie Smee
  • Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated from the German by Alison Croggon
  • The Membranes by Chi-Ta Wei, translated from the Chinese by Ari Larissa Heinrich
  • Deadly Quiet Cities, stories from Wuhan Ground Zero by Muron Zwecun, translated by Anonymous
  • L’Assommoir by Emile Zola translated from the French by Brian Nelson, see my review

I haven’t come across most of the nominees for the Indigenous Writer’s Prize are:

  • We Come with This Place by Debra Dank
  • Harvest Lingo by Lionel Fogarty
  • Open Your Heart to Country by Jasmine Seymour
  • The Dungirr Brothers and the Caring Song of the Whale by Aunty Shaa Smith, Neeyan Smith, Uncle Bud Marshall, With Yandarra including Sarah Wright, Lara Daley and Paul Hodge
  • The First Scientists, Deadly Inventions and Innovations from Australia’s First Peoples by Correy Tuttand Blak Douglas
  • Another Day in the Colony by Chelsea Watego

To see the nominees for the other awards and the judges comments, please visit the #NSWPLA website

Congratulation to all the authors, editors, and publishers!

To see my reviews of some other very fine books published in 2022 which have not been nominated, click here.



  1. Wow, Lisa … what’s happening. You say you haven’t come across many of these (and I certainly haven’t which is not surprising given you haven’t and I’m behind you these days in keeping up.) It’s good to know that there is such publishing going on but disconcerting too given how it has been.


    • LOL I don’t expect to keep up with anything except fiction, but perhaps the unfamiliar ones in that category are Sad Girl Stories and I avoid them. (Cold Enough for Snow sneaked under my guard.)


      • You call that a “sad girl” story? I think it’s more complex than that?


        • When all’s said and done, it’s about a sad girl with identity issues not connecting with her mother.


  2. Thanks for linking back to past books you have reviewed, Lisa. I find them useful as I have missed a fair few over time.


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