Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 4, 2023

2023 Age Book of the Year winners

Two superb books have won this year’s Age Book of the Year.

Wandering with Intent (2022) by Kim Mahood won the Non Fiction Book of the Year.  My review is here, and you can read an extract at Inside Story. 

And in a decision that will pleased the many who have loved Robbie Arnott’s Limberlost (2022), the judges have awarded it the Fiction Book of the Year.  My review is here.

There’s a special offer on these two books at Readings...


  1. Excellent news about Robbie Arnott! I probably need to read the Mahood too.


  2. Deserving winners!


    • Yes, they really did get it right!
      (I must look up the judges, to see who they were.)


      • From my search, the judges were Thuy On; Michael Winkler; Michael McGirr; and Simon Caterson.


  3. Oh I LOVED Limberlost…


    • It’s that kind of book, I think, it lingers in the mind as a fond memory.

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  4. Excellent news. I must read the Mahood too. She is based in the Canberra region when she’s not out in the desert I believe.


    • She’s amazing. Did you read her first one, Position Doubtful ?
      *pause, checks*
      No, Position Doubtful (2016), wasn’t her first one… that was Craft for a Dry Lake (2000) which I read pre-blog.


      • Yes, my reading group did Position Doubtful. It was universally liked. Even her titles are great, aren’t they?


  5. Glad to see Limberlost here. I’d hoped to have read it by now, but its still waiting on the TBR.


  6. Delighted for Arnott – he deserves to win awards for his gorgeous writing. And like Kim I must get to my Mahood’s.


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