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Please note that the rating may refer in part to the quality of the discussion rather than the merits or otherwise of the book.

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Dirt MusicWinner of the 2002 Miles Franklin Award Tim Winton Rating 8.5


DrylandsWinner of the 2000 Miles Franklin Award Thea Astley Rating 8.5


I For IsobelShort-listed for the 1990 Miles Franklin Award Amy Witting Rating 7


My PlaceWinner of the 1990 Order of Australia Book Prize Sally Morgan Rating 7


The Blind AssassinWinner of the 2000 Booker Margaret Atwood Rating 8.5


The Conversations at Curlow CreekShort-listed for the 1997 Miles Franklin Award David Malouf Rating 7


The Dressmaker Rosalie Ham Rating 8


Gould’s Book of FishWinner of the 2002 Commonwealth Writers Prize Richard Flanagan Rating 8


The DrownerWinner of the 1997 Victorian Premier’s Prize for Fiction Robert Drewe Rating 8


The Sound of One Hand ClappingWinner of the 1997 Australian Booksellers Book of the Year Richard Flanagan Rating 7


Shiver Nikki Gemmell Rating 5.5


The True History of the Kelly GangWinner of the 2001 Booker Prize Peter Carey Rating 7.5

True History of the Kelly Gang


  1. It’s unfair of me to comment, as I workded hard to have Richard Appleton’s book published, but i would enjoy some more feedback. I appreciate the details of Lisa Hill’s review.

    • Hello Barbara, Sue at Whispering Gums has reviewed this book too….(see the menu on the RHS for the link).

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