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Please note that the rating may refer in part to the quality of the discussion rather than the merits or otherwise of the book.

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The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney Australia Felix (Book 1 of the Trilogy) Henry Handel Richardson Rating 8.5

 Australia Felix

Journey to the Stone Country Alex Miller Rating 7


Leaning Towards Infinity Sue Woolfe Rating 6.5  Leaning Towards Infinity
The Voyage of their Life: The Story of the SS Derna & Its Passengers Diane Armstrong Rating 7.5  The Voyage of Their Life
The Alphabet of Light and Dark Danielle Wood Rating 7.0

 The Alphabet of Light and dark

Due Preparations For the Plague Janet Turner Hospital Rating 8

 Due Preparations for the Plague

Tirra Lirra by the River Jessica Anderson Rating 7.5

Tirra Lirra by the River

Moral Hazard Kate Jennings Rating 6

 Moral Hazard

Mr Darwin’s Shooter Roger McDonald Rating 8

 Mr Darwin's Shooter

English Passengers Matthew Kneale Rating 8.5 English Passengers
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (Commonwealth Writers Prize) Mark Haddon Rating 8  The Curious Incident
The Lambing Flat Nerida Newton Rating 8

 The Lambing Flat

The Orchard Drusilla Modeski Rating 7.0 The Orchard
The God in the Ink Kathryn Lomer Rating 7.5

 The God in the Ink

My Brother Jack George Johnson Rating 9  My Brother Jack

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