ANZLL Archives 2006

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Please note that the rating may refer in part to the quality of the discussion rather than the merits or otherwise of the book.

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Archives 2006

Summer Holiday Extended Read: Classic ChoiceThe Tree of Man by Patrick White Rating 8.0  treeofman
Miles Franklin Winner 2005The White Earth by Andrew McGahan Rating 6.5  WhiteEarth
Australian FictionThe Ha Ha Man by Sandy McCutcheon Rating 6.0  HaHaMan
Miles Franklin nomination (any year)Three Dog Night by Peter Goldsworthy Rating 7.5  3DogNight
Australian FictionThe Turning by Tim Winton Rating 8.0  Turning
Australian FictionThe Secret River By Kate Grenville Rating 9.5  Secret River
Australian Non-FictionJoe Cinque’s Consolation by Helen Garner Rating 7.9  joecinque
Vogel Nomination (any year)The Water Underneath By Kate Lyons Rating 5.5 WaterUnderneath
Australian FictionGrace By Robert Drewe Rating 7.0  drowner
International FictionCase Histories by Kate Atkinson Rating 7.5  casehistories
Australian FictionThe Great World By David Malouf Rating 8.0  Great World
Australian FictionBehind The Moon By Hsu-Ming Teo Rating 7.0  Behind The Moon

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