The Indigenous Literacy Project: Readers’ Quest

There are 10 books to read for this ILP Readers’ Quest, and please make a donation to the ILP .  There are reading lists for different age groups, including adults,  I have selected only the titles that would qualify for inclusion in the ANZLL schedule as Australian Literature.

  1. þTirra Lirra by the River by Jessica Anderson
  2. þEucalyptus by Murray Bail
  3. þPeople of the Book by Geraldine Brooks
  4. þJack Maggs by Peter Carey
  5. þDiary of a Bad Year by J M Coetzee
  6. þMao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin
  7. þThe Shark Net by Robert Drewe
  8. þA Fortunate Life by A B Facey
  9. þAnatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee
  10. Romulus My Father by Raymond Gaita
  11. þThe Spare Room by Helen Garner, see Lisa’s review
  12. þThe Secret River by Kate Grenville
  13. þThe Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham
  14. Dead Lucky: Life after Death on Mt Everest by Lincoln Hall
  15. þOf a Boy by Sonya Hartnett
  16. þTransit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard
  17. þAddition by Toni Jordan
  18. Don’t Take Your Love to Town by Ruby Langford
  19. þUnexpected Elements of Love by Kate Legge
  20. Every Move You Make by David Malouf
  21. þMy Place by Sally Morgan
  22. Coonardoo by Katherine Pritchard
  23. þUnpolished Gem by Alice Pung
  24. A Death in Brazil by Peter Robb
  25. þThe Broken Shore by Peter Temple
  26. þA Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz, see Lisa’s review
  27. Listen by Kate Veitch
  28. Swallow the Air by Tara Winch
  29. þDirt Music by Tim Winton
  30. þBreath by Tim Winton, see Lisa’s review.
  31. þThe Children by Charlotte Wood
  32. þCarpentaria by Alexis Wright
  33. þThe Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

þ= read by Lisa in 2009 or earlier.

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