I’ve given up doing reading challenges, but I have some ongoing reading projects and a blog project to refine a ‘must-read’ list of Australian literature.  The first two reading projects are hosted elsewhere (click the links).

The Complete Booker: I collect Booker winners in first editions, so of course I want to read them all.

Read the Nobels: Some of the world’s most interesting writers have won the Nobel, so these winners are rarely a disappointment.

Miles Franklin winners: I collect hardback winners in first edition and plan to read them all eventually.  I read many of them before I started this blog, but there are about 30 of them reviewed here.

Then there’s another ongoing one, reading from the always updating 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.

There are also major Australian authors – and some less established authors who I think have a great future – whose long form fiction oeuvre I want to read over time. I have been reading most of them since long before I started reading this blog, so not every book is ever going to be reviewed here, and it’s most often a challenge just to find copies of the backlist.  But since many of these authors are still living and writing, it’s a movable feast.

Asterisked authors have their own Author Page from when I hosted a ‘reading week’, see the top menu above.

Last updated 23/4/2022

To see challenges I did in previous years, click here.


  1. You’ve got my group’s blog on your blog roll! It’s not very active. I’m trying to bludgeon all those enthusiasts who wanted a blog into actually writing on it! Cheers

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  2. Some people are surprisingly bashful, eh? Members of this ANZLL group write brilliant, thoughtful, insightful posts about our list in the privacy of our group, but only one has been brave enough to blog here. I’ll be keeping an eye on yours to see how your powers of persuasion work out, and may get some tips from you if you succeed LOL.

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  4. Wow, you’re amazingly ordered in your planning Lisa. Not to mention optimistic! I’m interested in the 1% challenge, but wouldn’t get to it this year. I just started my own yahoo group to read 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up (the kids version of the 1001 book). My priorities this year obviously will be the kids books, and trying to be better with the Australian reading group. Should I say that I’m going to try and read them all? Nah, even I don’t believe that. Plus I’ve still got so many I want to read from last year. Who says reading is a relaxing past time? And then there’s those Swedish thrillers…..

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  5. Ditto Louise. I don’t think I can manage taking part in any challenges. I could possibly “make” my reading pattern fit a couple – would be intrigued to do the What’s in a name challenge – but, in the end, I don’t think I can cope with trying to keep track of any more things!! I bow down to your superior organisational skills Lisa!

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  6. I love your all Australian list. What a great idea. Welcome to the challenge and I have your links all sorted out now.

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    • Thanks, Beth – what a lot of work it must be for you to host the challenge!


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  8. Great site! So many books, so little time. I’ve recently embarked on the challenge of reading my way through the list of 290 favourite Australian novels that we nominated in a poll on ABR toward the end of last year. When that’s done, I know where to come for more inspiration! Thanks

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    • Wow, Jenny, that’s a serious challenge! At, say, 75 books a year, that could take you nearly 4 years, but you will have a wealth of wonderful books to enjoy! I’ll be watching your blog with interest to see how you get on:)


  9. Thanks for participating in the 2012 European Reading Challenge! I look forward to see what books you pick!

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