Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 8, 2008

Keeping a reading journal

reading-journal I started keeping a Reading Journal in January 1997, and have faithfully recorded my responses to the books ever since.  Sometimes I write a lot, sometimes my response is deeply personal, and sometimes I write a scanty paragraph. 

I use lined A4 100 leaf hardback journals, and I’m now up to Volume 14.  When I’m overseas, (and I read every night when I’m overseas – sometimes necessitating a lengthy search to find an English language bookshop when I’ve finished whatever I brought with me) I write on hotel writing paper or notepads, and I staple these into the journal when I get home.

From time to time, mostly in the summer holidays, I enter the details in an Excel file: title, author, reading date, source, volume and page no, and a rating using the ANZLL scale.

Sometimes I think that if I had spent an equivalent amount of time on my own writing, The Great Australian Novel would be finished by now LOL.


  1. Ah, my Filemaker Pro Database has the following headings: Author, Title, Publisher, Place, Yr (orig published), Year/Month finished, Rating, First sentence, Comment (which I keep to one sentence) and Awards. I love collecting First lines…


  2. Hmm, first lines is a good idea…..


  3. […] – I now review almost all my reading so the blog has become an adjunct to the reading journals I’ve been keeping for years and years. My focus is firmly on Australian literature but I also read a fair bit of classic and contemporary […]


  4. Wonderful! I’m impressed that you’ve written so much about some of the books – no wonder the pile is so big!


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