Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 9, 2009

Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards 2009

WantingStella Miles FranklinThe Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Fiction has gone to Wanting by Richard Flanagan and the History award has gone to Jill Roe’s Stella Miles Franklin, A Biography.

Wonderful, wonderful books, both of them!  Well done, judges!!

For information about the rest of these awards see Matilda.


  1. Not to mention Chloe Hooper’s The tall man. Also an outstanding book.


    • OH, yes, I was in a rush and forgot to add it to the post! I thought that was a *brilliant* book – wise and courageous. Lisa


  2. I’ve got to read The Tall Man at some point… waiting for paperback release.

    I read Wanting and was disappointed by it: didn’t think it as good as his other books.


    • I think that The Tall Man is a *must read*… I’d like to see it on the Year 12 reading list. Lisa


  3. Yes, I agree Lisa … boy it is hard being on holidays without good internet access!!!


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