Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 15, 2009

The World Beneath (2009), by Cate Kennedy

The World BeneathIt’s almost midnight – and I’ve had too many impossibly late nights staying up and reading – but I’ve just finished  The World Beneath, by Cate Kennedy and I want to be the first person online to predict that this book is going to win the Miles Franklin 2010.  It is brilliant.

(Kerryn Goldsworthy on Australian Literature Diary writes that it will feature on long and shortlists, but she stops short of claiming the win).

The last few chapters where Rich and his fifteen year old daughter are in the Labyrinth in the Tasmanian wilderness are breath-taking.  My heart is still thudding!

If you haven’t got a copy, beg, borrow or steal one…

Will write more tomorrow!

Update: to see my review, click here.

Author: Cate Kennedy
Title: The World Beneath
Publisher: Scribe 2009
ISBN: 9781921372964
Source: Kingston Library, and then I bought my own copy from Top Titles in Brighton, $32.95.

Fishpond The World Beneath


  1. The cover alone looks like a winner.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


  2. I loved Kennedy’s short story collection, and am re-reading it at them moemnt before starting on this. Glad to hear it’s impressive, I hope I agree!


  3. Must check this out Lisa…have heard her talk and read a couple of her short stories and think she’s got a lot to offer. I also loved her interview with Nam Le on The Boat (which I might have cited in the Wikipedia article on Nam Le – though don;t have time to check that out now). SHe’s someone to watch I reckon.


  4. […] World Beneath, by Cate Kennedy#2 As I wrote last night, Cate Kennedy’s first novel The World Beneath is my pick for the 2010 Miles Franklin.  […]


  5. […] since I read Cate Kennedy’s The World Beneath have I been so conscious of how risky the Tasmanian bush can be when flawed human beings invade […]


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