Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 7, 2009

Beverley Farmer wins 2009 Patrick White Award

I learned from the pages of The Age today that Beverley Farmer has won the Patrick White Award for 2009.   She’s not a prolific writer, but has published two collections of short stories and three novels

  • Alone (1980) ;
  • The Seal Woman (1992) ; and
  • The House in the Light (1995) which was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin award.

The themes and style of her writing are discussed by Laurie Clancy and Perry Middlemiss has a synopsis and opening lines from The House in the Light at his old Middlemiss website (still a great source for anyone interested in Australian Literature).

Let’s hope that the award encourages someone to do a reprint of one of her novels.


  1. Oh, I’ve been out of touch while on the road. I bought House of light years ago but have only dipped into it. Read her first novel and liked it, but as you say she’s not particularly prolific.


    • Ah ha, I should have known you’d have one of hers…I expect to see a review on Whispering Gums before long…


  2. Oh yes. I like her – you never know – you may see a review yet. Love the Greek – Australian connection. I’ve read her Hometime and also have her A body of water. I’d been to Greece not long before I read her and that helped a lot I think!


    • Ah Greece. Haven’t been yet. The Spouse has promised to take me there for my 60th birthday!


  3. Sorry for the late response to this … I’m sure you will enjoy it in the MANY MANY years hence when you reach 60. Just don’t go in summer, you little English rose you!


  4. *chuckle* not so many years to go – and when I read the latest gumpf about paying teachers by results I’m very glad about that!


  5. Oh, sorry, I meant next year – LOL!! Yes, I agree re paying teachers by results. So difficult to define results when it comes to kids isn’t it? You just know that it would end up being some simple to implement but way too coarse measurement. I do hope it doesn’t happen.


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