Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 25, 2011

The Eye of the Storm (film)

I have no pretensions to be a film critic – but I’ve just been to see the Fred Schepsi production of Patrick White’s The Eye of the Storm – and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s an excellent film in its own right, it’s faithful to the novel in all the ways that matter, and the casting is inspired.
Don’t miss it!

There’s a good review by Sylvia Lawson at Inside Story, a site which merits more of my reading time than newspapers do these days.

My thoughts about The Eye of the Storm (book) are here.


  1. Upon reading your recent review of ‘Eye of the Storm’, I made a mental note that I most definitely must re-read it. I fear that some of the nuances had sailed somewhere waaay over my head (although much of it resonates within me still). Now I think I might watch the movie before diving in again.


    • Oh, you and me together, Karen! I know enough of White by now to know that I missed heaps of nuances too. But I’m going to read Riders in the Chariot before I come back to this one…


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