Posted by: Lisa Hill | March 12, 2012

Announcing the Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize 2011

Logo © Matt Todd

The Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize team has selected ‘Please Look After Mother’ by Kyung-sook Shin as its choice for the ‘Shadow’ MAN Asian Literary Prize 2011.

Since the announcement of the long-list, our team of bloggers across three continents has reviewed all twelve of the long-listed titles as chosen by the official MAN Asian Literary Prize Jury, and the team made its selection from the short-list announced on January 10th.

The ‘Shadow’ Jury described ‘Please Look After Mother‘ as ‘a heart-warming story of family’; ‘a deceptively simple novel’; and ‘a splendid work of literary fiction.’

It is testament to the quality of this year’s long- and short-lists that our decision was not unanimous, but ‘Please Look After Mother’ prevailed overall.

The ‘Shadow’ MAN Asian Literary Prize is entirely independent of the official MAN Asian Literary Prize, whose winner will be announced on Thursday March 15, and of MAN Group. The ‘Shadow’ Prize is intended to highlight the main Prize by broadening the discussion about the long- and short-listed titles via the social networking community. Links to all ‘Shadow’ Jury reviews and interviews can be found at Whispering Gums – and of course on this blog too using the Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize category (under Awards and Prizes) .

Many thanks to all the members of the Shadow team: Sue at Whispering Gums; Matt at A Novel Approach; Fay at Read, Ramble; Stu (who is currently hosting a Shadow Foreign Fiction Prize) at Winston’s Dad, and Mark at Eleutherophobia.

Special thanks to my guide and mentor with this initiative, Kevin from Kevin from Canada whose concept of the Shadow Giller Prize has been a feature of the Canadian literary scene for many years now, to Matt who designed the Logo and to Mark who has coordinated the press releases across the globe.

And now we wait to see which book the official jury chooses!

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  1. Interesting choice given the ‘unimpressed’ review already featuring on here, looks set to be controversial then, but then a bestseller always is.


    • *chuckle*
      I’m lying low…


      • Nothing like a good debate about books. :)


        • Yes indeed. And that is why the blogosphere is such an excellent resource for booklovers because there’s a diversity of voices at work and readers soon find the ones they like and trust.


          • Yes, and nothing like discovering new booklovers one can relate to and follow, in the blogosphere we are part of a crowd, it’s fabulous.


  2. I’m surprised you guys went with this one. Any chance you will be explaining how you came to your decision?


    • We basically used the same system as the Shadow Giller: rank, eliminate and discuss!


    • Because it’s brilliant. ;-)


  3. Don’t worry Lisa – I’ll be with you on your next shadow mission ;)


    • *chuckle* You make us sound like a couple of mysterious characters shrouded in dark capes slithering around the blogosphere!


  4. So interesting to read this – I also am wondering why but … I suppose I might have to read it to find out, huh? Glad it was close because that really means they’re all good. I’ve only read two but plan on reading more. Thanks for this, Lisa!


    • Hi Becky, good to hear from you – it’s interesting to see that three of these Man Asian shortlisted books also made it onto the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize list too. And there’s some very interesting books on that list too.


  5. Congratulations and thanks to your Shadow jurors — I think this competition is much tougher to “shadow” than the Giller simply because of the immense geographical spread, which results in some very different books.


    • Thank you, Kevin – and did you know that your initiative has spawned another? Stu at Winston’s Dad has just started a Shadow for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize as well. I think that will be even harder to judge – but then again, it’s probably just as difficult whatever the spread if the books are really, really good. Lisa


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