Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 5, 2012

2012 WA Premier’s Literary Awards shortlist

A tweet from Scribe Publications has alerted me to the news that one of my favourite authors, Cate Kennedy has been shortlisted for the WA Premier’s Poetry Prize!

The short-listed poets are

  • The Taste of River Water: Cate Kennedy, on my TBR
  • Armour: John Kinsella
  • Interferon Psalms: Luke Davies
  • Lines for Birds: Barry Hill & John Wolseley
  • Surface to Air: Jaya Savige
  • The Argument: Tracy Ryan

The Fiction Shortlist looks a bit familiar:

This is the Non-Fiction list:

For the rest of the shortlist, click here.

The awards will be announced in September.


  1. I’m banking on “Foal’s Bread” to win the fiction prize. It’s a glorious book – I loved it to bits.


    • I’m going to try and read Caleb’s Crossing before the winner is announced. I have had that on my TBR for far too long, and I haven’t got any of Geraldine Brooks’ novels reviewed here because I read them all before I started the blog.


  2. I think it’s high time I expanded my reading to include Australian literature and books. You’ve inspired me through your blog, Lisa.


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