Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 4, 2012

2012 Age Book of the Year Awards shortlist

The 2012 Age Book of the Year Awards shortlist was announced today, and I am delighted with some of their choices.

The fiction nominees are

What the Family Needed Spirit House The Meaning of Grace Forecast: Turbulence Foal's Bread

The non-fiction nominees are

1835: The Founding of Melbourne and the Conquest of Australia Hiroshima Nagasaki Kinglake-350 Fishing the River of Time Double Entry: How the Merchants of Venice Shaped the Modern World - and How Their Invention Could Make or Break the Planet

Congratulations to all the authors and publishers!


  1. Gasp! No ‘All That I Am’? Must be a typo ;)

    Still wanting to find time for ‘Foal’s Bread’ – I actually had a library copy, but I was so inundated with IFFP reading that I never got around to reading it…

  2. HI Tony, I haven’t read Deborah Forster’s book yet (and I’m expecting it to be good, very good) but I am pleased to see Dapin’s book getting some air. It really is excellent.

  3. Tony’s comment made me laugh!

    Nice to see Foal’s Bread on here; not read any of the other fiction titles, although I have a proof copy of Amsterdam’s novel lying in wait — it’s about to be published here in the UK.

    I believe Maxine at Petrona reviewed the Hyland — it sounded like a terrific read. Here’s her review:

    I have the Double-Entry book in my queue too — it appeals to both my interest in Venice and the “fall” of capitalism. No doubt I’ll review it in due course.

    • *chuckle* I think Tony and I are at one with that comment!

      I’m sure it’s a very good book, but I don’t want to read the Hyland. I have many colleagues who live in the hills, and my own school is barely a kilometre from dense bushland. (I’m the Emergency Management co-ordinator and I manage the bushfire drills we regularly practise). I spent that hateful day in terror on the internet, tracking the paths of the fires as they swept closer and closer to the suburban fringe. I don’t want to be reminded of Black Saturday any more than I already am.

      • Completely understand. I think my comment under Maxine’s review sums up my position too. My dad has been a volunteer fire fighter four 25+ years (he recently got a medal for long service!!) and the photographs he sent me of that fateful day were terrifying.

  4. must get foals bread another list its been on ,all the best stu


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