Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 26, 2013

2013 Dobbie and Kibble Literary Award winners

ToyoThe Beloved (Annah Faulkner)Lily Chan has won the Dobbie for Toyo: A Memoir, and Annah Faulkner has won the Kibble for her novel The Beloved. (See my review).

To read more, see Foreign lands a winner for writers | The Australian (if it’s not pay-walled).

The Kibble award was set up in memory of Nita Kibble, the first female librarian at the State Library of NSW. by her niece Nita Dobbie.

Congratulations to the authors and publishers!

To see the shortlisted books for these awards, click here.


  1. Definition of KIBBLE

    : coarsely ground meal or grain (as for animal feed)


    • I know, these awards have such daggy names, but they have turned up some excellent writing, and I love the idea of the niece being so justly proud of her aunt that she set up a trust to commemorate her.


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