Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 14, 2016

2016 Kibble and Dobbie Award winners

Salt CreekI am delighted to pass on the news that Lucy Treloar has won the 2016 Dobbie Award for Salt Creek, published by Pan Macmillan.  This novel is one of the most impressive debuts of recent times IMO, and you can read my enthusiastic review here.

The Kibble Award was won by Fiona Wright for Small Acts of Disappearance, published by Giramondo Publishing.  I haven’t read it, but Sue at Whispering Gums has, and her review is here.

My word, Giramondo Publishing has been popping up in the  awards lists everywhere lately!

PS Check out the discussion with Lucy Treloar at Adventures in Biography, it’s really interesting!


  1. Thanks for the link – much appreciated.


    • This is what I love about blogging. No print review can match the connectedness of a network of readers and bloggers who follow each other and link to each other’s reviews.


  2. Well deserved by Fiona Wright – she bares her soul in Small Acts of Disappearance and it is well worth reading for the insight into eating disorders. I have put Salt Creek on my library wish list – it sounds amazing too.


    • I really liked Salt Creek… it made me want to wander over the sands of the Coorong…


      • I’ve just read the interview you linked to – had to go and reserve Salt Creek straight away ☺


  3. I haven’t read Salt Creek but it’s on my list. I have read Small Acts and thought it was extremely interesting and thought provoking. Two worthy winners, it seems!


  4. Yes, I agree two worthy winners. Small Acts of Disappearance was an excellent read with such honest writing. I have checked the Wikipedia list, and agree in the past the Kibble and Dobbie awards have chosen well.


    • It’s all about the judges, isn’t it?


  5. Two beautifully written books. Well done to both of them. The awards are well deserved.


    • Hello Meg, thanks for dropping by to comment:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pleasure! I always love it when people drop a comment. Keep up the good work


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