Posted by: Lisa Hill | August 19, 2016

My Women in Translation Month Wishlist…

Inspired by 5 Books for Women in Translation Month by Kim at Reading Matters, I thought I’d do a similar post, but with a twist.

The LoverSecondhand TimeI’ve read two books for #WIT (Women in Translation) Month:

So far, there is a total of 44 reviews of books by women in translation on this blog (see here), but this month I’ve also read some enticing reviews from my favourite bloggers around the web.  These ones have made it onto my wishlist:

But first, I should read a few that are already on my TBR!

  • The Vegetarian, by Han Kang, translated from the Korean by Deborah Smith
  • Nobody’s Home, Essays by Dubravka Ugresic, translated from the Croatian by Ellen Elias-Bursac
  • The Hunger Angel by Herta Müller, translated from the German by Philip Boehm
  • The Land of Green Plums by Herta Müller, translated from the German by Michael Hofman
  • The Happy City by Elvira Navarro, translated from the Spanish by Rosalind Harvey

Those of you with good memories can remind me about this next year when it’s #WIT Month….



  1. Thanks for the mention but what in my billet made you want to read this book?


    • Curiosity. I liked what you said about it being an antidote to the sentimentality of the other one.


  2. Thanks for the mention. Throw The Sea Wall in there too if you get the time.


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