Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 26, 2016

A Guide to Berlin, by Gail Jones – Combined Reviews

A Guide to BerlinA Guide to Berlin by Gail Jones has been on my TBR for a while, and it’s just been nominated for yet another award (the Voss Literary Award), so I’ve decided to put together some combined reviews until I get time to read it.  Opinion seems a bit divided, so read more than one.

Starting with the print media, in order I found them via Google:

And from Online sites and bloggers


  1. This is a novel I failed to engage with sufficiently to finish it. Here’s why


    • LOL I *knew* I’d seen another review of it somewhere! – I’d even commented on it!


  2. I did finish read this novel but it wasn’t a good read for me.


    • Why was that, Meg? I find it interesting that critical opinion is so divided on it….


  3. Like BookerTalk, I didn’t connect with any of the characters. A cold book without any depth. Cass’s comparison or her connection with Nabokov was never there in writing or style.


    • Do you think it’s a book that you need to know your Nabokov to appreciate it? Because the only Nabokov I’ve read is Lolita and that was decades ago…


  4. I think it doesn’t help to know Nabokov writing, because if you did, like me you would be disappointed in A Guide to Berlin. Nabokov was a great writer, his prose and style was his alone, no comparisons can be made to his writings. I have read both Lolita and Pale Fire a couple of times.


    • Ah well, I’ll bear that in mind. Thanks!


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  6. […] Gail Jones, A Guide to Berlin, still on my TBR – in the meantime, see Combined Reviews […]


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